All the expert help you need. When you need it.

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Part-time & Virtual Outsourced Sales & Marketing Teams™

Exactly what you need. When you need it.

We live in troubled times, where getting the right help at the right time can make all the difference.

Have you ever wished you could afford the best brains in the business? The experts who could propel your organisation to explosive growth?

Now you can, thanks to IBG’s part-time and virtual outsourced sales and marketing teams.

Our stunning sales and marketing track record includes 200% growth for one client and landing a £1m deal for another. And it need not break the bank.

“IBG helped me to 200% year-on-year growth” – Network Sunday. See video testimonial here.

With IBG you get the best results by calling in pinpoint expertise when you need it. You can boost the team you already have in place, bringing in the top-flight skills you can’t afford full-time at critical moments to give you vital edge over your competitors.

In today’s climate of change and uncertainty, you can tap our specialist sales and marketing for the duration of one vital project, or to keep your company on its toes while your rivals are floundering.

IBG offers outsourced sales and marketing to make a step change in your performance.

“IBG dramatically changed our sales culture and helped us land a £1m deal” – Eclipse Group. See video testimonial here.

Supercharge your business growth

Business benefits of working with IBG:

  • Win sales and drive growth
  • Experienced and proven selling experts
  • Unique integrated sales and marketing approach
  • More effective and more economical
  • Communicate with your customers and prospects in a highly personalised, relevant and engaging way
  • Optimise lead generation
  • Achieve high conversion rates
  • Supercharge your business growth!

Act today

If you’re ready for more customers, contact us today about IBG part-time and virtual outsourced sales and marketing.

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