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Unlock your growth

IBG will help you unlock the full potential of your business, cutting through the day-to-day noise to drive growth. We have helped our clients:

  • Increase value from £15m to £45m = 300% in 9 months – Bounty
  • Increase sales by £3.5m in 12 months – Dataforce
  • Increase sales by £2m within 9 months – Eclipse Group
  • Get from start-up to £2.5m in 2 years – eNiklas

“We increased value from £15m to £45m and sales by £1m in 9 months” – Bounty

“IBG helped me to 200% year-on-year growth.” – Tim Bond, Network Sunday. See video testimonial here.

Intelligent Business Growth

What’s holding you back? Perhaps your sales and marketing people aren’t united around a clear focus. Maybe you don’t have a watertight growth-driven plan.

You can accelerate your growth with IBG because:

  1. We’re the 1st agency to integrate sales and marketing to engage long term with your targets
  2. Our Think As a Client™ strategy delivers stunning B2B sales results.
  3. Our Lead Gen formula is 50 times better than traditional methods

“IBG understood how my clients think, developed a sales strategy that really works, then helped align our whole sales and marketing operation. They really know their stuff.”   – Digital Field Solutions

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Ultimate flexibility

You can partner with IBG for the long term or call in our sales and marketing professionals for as long as you need to overcome an immediate challenge, such as a new product launch.

We can unlock the potential in your existing teams or plug the gap quickly in your existing structure so you don’t lose ground to the competition.

With IBG there is no need to pay for full-time sales and marketing staff – we’re here when you need us and we draw on over 20 years of sales and marketing success to drive home your project.

Fulfill your potential with IBG by your side. Contact us today to unlock your hidden growth.

Let us unlock your hidden growth

The Business Breakthrough™ programme explores the challenges and the opportunities for effective, rapid and sustainable growth by identifying the key sales and marketing growth drivers and assessing them in relation to your current position and capabilities.

Past clients have found this an invaluable process as it has helped address road blocks and provided an alignment in understanding amongst the senior management team, ensuring a clear focus and specific actions to rapidly move forward. Learn more

Fastrack your success with hands on expertise to manage and deliver your project or programme – with professionals with over 20 years relevant sales and marketing expertise.

Seamlessly integrating into your organisation, your IBG catalyst professional will hit the ground running, delivering tangible results from day one.

Avoid the expense of recruitment, training and orientation.  A flexible project-based solution with no long-term commitment, Growth Catalyst™ delivers at your fingertips knowledge, guidance and skills to make a quantifiable difference to your business. Learn more

IBG’s Elevate Mentoring™ programme helps you raise your performance and support your wellbeing.

A valuable sounding board, you can talk to a sales and marketing professional who has experienced the same challenges and pressure you face and can provide guidance and practical advice.

Accessed through scheduled online 1:1 video-chat, the Elevate Mentoring™ programme supports C-level and senior teams with the strategic and tactical business growth challenges they face.

Helping you perform to your highest ability. Learn more

Elevate the performance of your sales and marketing team with skills training with IBG.

Delivered in house by experienced sales and marketing professionals Elevate Development™ can plug knowledge gaps in the latest sales and marketing techniques.  Modular in design you can select a programme relevant to your business needs encompassing sales, marketing and strategy.

Increase staff retention and gain the edge in a fast-paced competitive environment with a motivated, focused and highly skilled team. Learn more

Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™ delivers scheduled calls in your diary with people who have expressed an interest in your product and who crucially, are senior enough to make the decision to buy.

This structured programme helps ensure you are in sync with your prospect’s buying cycle, presenting you with an ongoing pipeline of opportunities.

With a proven track record, IBG’s Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™ is 20-50 times more effective than other forms of lead generation activity. Learn more

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