The frustration of knowing you have a great product but not having anyone interested is almost painful.

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Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™

Let’s face it very few people enjoy the process of finding potential customers.  Yes, they may be passionate about their product, making it the best in the marketplace.  They may even be prepared to go over and beyond when it come to customer service, but when it comes to finding potential customers the process can be haphazard, frustrating and fruitless.

Even if you are comfortable with the process, you just don’t have the time.  You’re running a business after all, spinning all those plates, trying to keep everyone happy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had scheduled calls in your diary with people who have expressed an interest in your product and who have the power to make the decision to buy?

Yes, this is possible with IBG’s Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™

Our Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™ is like adding a powerfulengine to your business development activities.  It focuses on engaging with the senior decision makers who ultimately make the buying decision, not junior staff.  Based on past results it generates 20-50 times greater response than any other form of lead generation marketing.

Crucially it frees up your time and that of your team to focus on the part of the sales process where they add most value – speaking with prospects who have an actual need for your product.

Imagine, a pipeline of warm prospects who have committed to speaking with you and are ready to buy.  No wasted time chasing prospects who are not remotely interested in your products, or not qualified to make the buying decision.

We work with you to develop campaigns and messaging to ensure they are consistent with your existing brand activities.  Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way keeping you informed of the status and seamlessly scheduling warm opportunities, ready for you to convert.

You may find some of your targeted prospects are not ready to buy, just yet.  This may be due to budget cycles or the availability of key decision makers.  However, with the Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™ you will already be appearing on their radar as part of their consideration process and crucially staying there through our ongoing communications programme.

You will in practice be able to take advantages of the hot opportunities that present themselves today, as well as play the longer game.  This structured approach will help ensure you are in sync with your prospect’s buying cycle, presenting you with an ongoing pipeline of opportunities.

  • Diarised appointments with people ready to buy right now, helping you work smarter not harder
  • Audience pre-targeted and qualified by you, senior decision makers who make the buying decision
  • No more chasing prospects, saving you valuable time
  • Avoid the unnecessary expense of recruiting additional sales administration staff
  • Structured approach that accelerates the sales cycle and dovetails into your existing processes
  • Additional details of prospects who are interested but who are earlier in the buying cycle, to be followed up in the future
  • Professional campaign development and execution that protects and enhances your brand
  • A proven programme that is 20-50 times more effective than other forms of lead generation activity

Contact us today and accelerate your growth with IBG’s Intelligent Lead Generation Programme™

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