The business world is full of great ideas. Some will increase company value, some even change the world. However, an idea is worthless without execution.

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Growth Catalyst™

There is often a fear of not sharing an idea or strategy for fear of losing control.  IBG help business leaders realise these ideas through our Growth Catalyst™ programme.  We can provide a sanity check to your ideas and if required, further strengthen them before helping you make them a reality.

Our team of senior sales and marketing professionals can drive home your projects, managing them to completion, working with you at your offices, if required.  You will have hands on expertise at your fingertips to manage and deliver your project or programme – professionals with over 20 years relevant sales and marketing expertise.

Seamlessly integrating into your organisation, your IBG catalyst professional will ensure momentum, hitting the ground running, delivering tangible results from day one.

You avoid the expense of recruitment, training and orientation.  A flexible project-based solution with no long-term commitment, IBG deliver knowledge, guidance and skills to make a quantifiable difference to your business.

  • Sales and marketing professional at your fingertips
  • Flexible resource with no long-term commitment
  • Expert project delivery
  • Convenience with on location options
  • Avoid expensive recruitment fees and delayed starts
  • Experienced, focused senior professionals who hit the ground running

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