Does your business have great potential for growth but not the cash flow to invest in the sales and marketing staff to make it happen?

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Equity Accelerator Programme™

In today’s uncertain and volatile business climate, input from expert “wise heads” can make all the difference – especially if they have a stake in your success. That’s why we have created IBG’s own version of TV’s famous Dragons’ Den – our Equity Accelerator programme.

It’s your chance to pitch for investment in exchange for equity, and it’s our most exciting offer yet.

I’m really indebted to IBG and wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants to gear up their business for the bigger stage to tap into their huge wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Simon Davies, CEO Access Success

When you need it

Equity Accelerator is perfect if your business has great potential for growth without the spare cash flow to invest in top-flight sales and marketing.

What you get:

  • IBG services at a discount, tapping into the marketing genius of CEO Simon Warman-Freed
  • Expertise from vastly experienced accountant and Non-Executive Director Peter Rapaport
  • Our total commitment because the more you grow, the better for both of us.

All in return for a negotiated minority equity in your company.

“We’re putting our money where our mouth is, not just earning our fees.”

– Simon Warman-Freed, IBG Founder

How do I pitch to join the Equity Accelerator programme?

We’ll be looking for the most promising businesses to join this programme, selecting them after a process of due diligence and agreement on the most appropriate equity arrangement.

As a first step, interested parties should fill out this online questionnaire. This will help us understand the business before scheduling a consultation to discuss the potential of a working relationship. We do our best work when we can serve people and businesses we’re in alignment with.

Our track record

Simon and Peter’s achievements include:

  • Helping grow eNiklas from start-up to £2.5m in 2 years
  • Preparing restaurant chain Comptoir Libanais for growth prior to listing on AIM
  • Increasing Bounty’s value from £15m to £45m = 300% in 9 months
  • Advising MOTM Ltd, creators of the Man of the Match® app, a worldwide hit.

Your future

Cut through the minutiae of daily business and finances to see the bigger picture and enjoy these benefits:

  • Galvanise your upward growth trajectory
  • Prime your business for sale
  • Realise the true value of all the hard work you have put in over the years.

Pitch to join the Equity Accelerator programme today. This offer is only open to a maximum of 3 carefully selected businesses at any one time – so contact us now at +44 (0)203 368 6606 or email us at

Download the Equity Accelerator Brochure here.

Fill out now to find out if IBG’s Equity Accelerator Programme is right for you!

Online Questionnaire

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