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Elevate Mentoring™

Despite years of experience and an impressive job title, sometimes the pace of modern work can take the wind out of your sails.  The constant need to keep up to date with the latest developments in your market and make decisions quicker and quicker can take their toll.

Technology and can be a help and a hindrance you can never switch off.  You don’t want to be appear weak but having the counsel of someone who has been there and done it to guide you through difficult decisions, or to just be a valued sounding board for new ideas, can be priceless.

IBG’s Elevate Mentoring™ programme helps you raise your performance and support your wellbeing.  It’s not about pampering but the ability to talk to a sales and marketing professional who has experienced the same challenges and pressure you face and can provide guidance and practical advice.

Accessed through scheduled online 1:1 video-chat, the Elevate Mentoring™ programme supports C-level and senior teams with the strategic and tactical business growth challenges they face.

Helping you perform to your highest ability.

  • Trusted sales and marketing experience at your fingertips
  • Years of experience you can draw upon
  • A valuable sounding board for ideas
  • Someone on your side to help release the pressure
  • Practical solution to elevate and maintain your performance

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