When was the last time you called ‘everyone’ on your database?

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Start-Ups and Small Businesses Calling Service™

There are a number of fundamental truths that IBG see time and time again. Indeed, we’ve built a business on them.

People are often averse to cold calling

Calling is our “Bread and Butter”.  It’s what we do and we’re good at it.

There really is no point insisting staff make calls if it’s something they’re uncomfortable with. In fact, they could do more harm than good. The task may also be a source of stress and anxiety which might potentially will have other consequences.

Self-Starters, Founders and Entrepreneurs are great at selling to their network of contacts, but often struggle to take that success to the next stage

Talking to people you know is easier because it’s usually based on a level of trust and respect, born from familiarity.

Evangelising that story to a wider audience and potential client base, is more of a challenge.

Whether your product or service is the answer to all their business problems or not, it usually has to be communicated in a different way. That ‘way’ can only be understood if you’re talking to them regularly and constantly adjusting your message.

Where do IBG bring Value?

IBG have years of experience in this discipline alone. We quickly recognise patterns in responses and work with you on how to best to evolve your message. This will have a direct impact on your follow up content and any newsletters of course. Longer term it could also start to influence your wider marketing activities.

Sales Staff are expensive and not without an element of risk. Outsourcing is both risk averse and tax efficient

Start Ups and very small businesses must maximise their resources and protect liquidity (cash at bank). New Sales employees therefore must be regarded as a luxury and limited to sourcing individuals who either bring ready clients with them, or can directly support the product development itself.

It’s not just a matter of their salary, you need to consider bonuses,  pension contributions, not to mention your N.I. contributions and other legal responsibilities.

Where do IBG bring Value?

As an Outsource IBG present none of these problems and will only be an overhead as and when required.

We like to operate as our client’s external Sales & Marketing department, with all of the accountability that suggests, but without the complications of full-time employees.

Database Systems are complicated and Take Time to set up and learn

There are some fantastic systems on the market today, but many take a long time to set up and learn. More problematic still, they have a lot of features you’ll never use and never understand purpose of. You’re often saddled with the task of training new staff, not to mention the expensive updates and patches that can come annually.

There aren’t always any easy ways around this problem, depending on the needs of your business. So many companies have started by using the simplest solution available at the time and then as a matter of convenience stuck with it, regardless of whether it’s right for them.

Where do IBG bring Value?

IBG believe that Start Ups and SME’s should never invest in expensive staff or data systems until they know definitively what they require of them.

Until then, we can retain and develop a template based on the calling work we’re conducting for you, as an integral part of the service.

At the end of the campaign or program we will provide you with a detailed brief on what your needs are (based on the calling program) and how to vet the many options on offer.

Talking to us costs nothing.

IBG want to share in your success and this is the most immediate and hands on way we do just that, at the very beginning.

Even if it’s just to get some ideas or some input on ones you’ve already been considering, we’d be very happy to provide a sounding board.

Please drop us an email, call us at +44 (0)203 368 6606, or send us a message to arrange a proper chat.

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